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Spray Tan

No streaking. No overspray. No missed spots. It's time to try Personal Spray Tanning.

Your Skin

Tanning is not a one-size-fits all. Getting a beautiful UV tan means something different for everyone.

Stand up or Lay Down

We have the best of both worlds at BrightSide, whether you are standing up or laying down! We offer stand-up and lie-down units.

Know Your Skin Type

Getting a beautiful UV tan means something different for everyone. That’s because the amount of UV exposure needed to acquire a tan is different for a fair-skinned red-head than it would be for a central European with an olive complexion.


The fairest skin type – known as Skin Type 1 – cannot suntan and should not use UV tanning equipment. (See spray-on tanning) But darker skin types can develop suntans. For those who can develop suntans, our system gradually acclimatizes you to UV exposure based on your skin type.


Take this quick quiz to find your skin type and how you can safely tan.

Skin Type 1

You have light features and are very sensitive to light. You always burn and cannot tan. Professional tanning salons will not allow you to UV tan. Consider spray tanning.

Skin Type 2

You have light features, are sensitive to light and usually burn. You can tan lightly. Developing a tan at a professional tanning salon will be a very gradual process.

Skin Type 3

You have a normal sensitivity to light. You do burn on occasion, but you can tan moderately. Developing a tan at a professional salon will be a gradual process.

Skin Type 4

Your skin is tolerant of sunlight, so you seldom burn and can tan moderately. You will be able to develop a tan relatively quickly at a professional tanning salon.

Skin Type 5

You have naturally dark skin and features. You can develop a dark tan, and you rarely burn. You will be able to develop a tan quickly at a professional tanning salon.

Skin Type 6

Your skin is black. You rarely sunburn and have an extreme tolerance to sunlight. Tanning will have little to no effect on the color of your skin.

Vitamin D



The percentage of Canadians with a Vitamin D Deficiency.



The percentage of recommended Vitamin D your body makes from UVB sun exposure.



The number of months Canadians cannot produce Vitamin D naturally.

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