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Why use Lotions?

Plain & simple….better tan & healthier skin

The key to tanning is using Top Quality Products such as Skinscience & California Tan as they contain the necessary moisture needed for superior indoor tanning results! Well moisturized skin will absorb UV light better. Dry skin reflects UV light. So, if you’re using a good moisturizing tanning lotion with high water content, more light will absorb into the top layer of your skin, therefore your tanning potential is increased.

The key to healthy skin!

We carry top of the line products, which deliver the best combination of skin care for tanners. The products BrightSide recommends have ingredients your skin requires to tan. They also aid in replenishing moisture, skin repair and Tan extension.

Our products are designed to gain and speed up colour. The advantages here speak for themselves! They help build a base tan quickly and provide moisture for a longer-lasting tan. They can have a variety of properties ranging from bronzing agents to skin energizers to skin repair systems.

Our products are designed to advance deep dark tanning results beyond the tanning plateau. They can have a variety of properties ranging from bronzing agents to skin energizers to skin repair systems.

Tan Extenders
Our products are designed to preserve and extend tanning results. They enhance the appearance of an existing tan, while moisturizing the skin for a longer lasting tan and prevent peeling and flaking. The Tan Extenders can be purchased as lotions or shower gels. Our well trained staff at BrightSide Tanning can help you find a product to meet your tanning needs.

You ask, we answer!

Do I have to use a lotion?
You will have better results with lotion use. Lotions are specially designed with amino acids, vitamins and nutrients that are a part of the tanning process. Thus, use will enhance your browning process, giving you a darker tan with faster results. The lotions we carry contain excellent tan moisturizers specially formulated to replace moisture lost during tanning. The beds will draw moisture from your skin. You need to replace this in order to keep your tan longer and looking better. Tanning with dry skin and dead surface cells may cause UV light to be reflected from skin. You need a smooth surface to absorb the UV light.

I get white areas on my shoulder blades and tail bone area when I tan in a lie down tanning bed, what is this?
These are known as pressure points. Where your body has the most pressure applied on the plexiglass, it reduces the circulation (blood flow) in that zone thus reducing the oxidation of melanin and therefore prohibits one from tanning in that particular area. This is a terrific opportunity to try the stand up units. Whether it is the Saturn, Sun Capsule or Focus, all will even out those white areas in no time.

Why doesn’t my face tan like the rest of my body?
Faces are harder to tan and keep less colour because they exfoliate at a faster rate. They are always exposed to the elements and are most likely drier than the rest of our bodies. An accelerator specific to the face is a very effective way to remedy this. Check what you already use on your face, most moisturizers purchased at the drugstore have a slight SPF in them, even if it is not listed on the bottle. Remember, fresh clean skin tans the best. Any foundation worn will inhibit the tanning process. This should be washed off before tanning always.

I get racoon eyes from wearing the goggles, do I have to wear them?
Yes, it is imperative to your vision. To remedy the white areas, a few different things can be done. Winkease, Peepers, Idomez, Podz, & Sunglobes all can be purchased. They are small in diameter and can be fitted above the lash line once you close your eyes. As well, Winkease, a disposable goggle can be fitted to any size. Keep in mind, a self-tanner can be used in this area also. Ask our well trained staff to instruct you on the proper use of self tanners.

Why does my colour take so long to show in a ‘Experience’ unit?
Because of the different levels of UVA and UVB emitted, with more UVB you have a longer oxidation period. UVA oxidizes very quickly and therefore your results are seen sooner. When you tan in our Performance units your colour will fully develop in 24-48 hours, with most results seen within the first 12-24 hours. In our ‘Experience’units, results will not be seen immediately, and will take up to 48 hours to fully develop. Knowing these facts gives you the ability to plan your tans!!!

Can I tan every day?
It is recommended that you wait 48 hours between sessions. This way your tanning process has had time to complete itself giving you the ability to build on the colour you have achieved in the previous session, and avoid overexposure.

Why am I not getting any darker?
The reason why may be due to several things such as:

keep in mind, generally speaking, once or twice a week maintains colour; twice to three times a week builds colour.

Session length:
perhaps a small increase in tan time is necessary.

Lotion Usage:
If so, what? For those not using any lotion, just beginning to do so can make a big difference. If you are using a low end product, a higher end product perhaps with a BÉronzer or Hot Action property will give a significant boost to your colour. Also, you may have reached a tanning plateau, a very normal occurence in the tanning process. At this point a Step 2 formula is a wise choice, it will provide the skin with all of the nutrients necessary to continue the tanning process further and soften those top layers so as to offer more absorption of UV light.

What condition is your skin in?
Dead dry skin will reflect UV light and will hinder the tanning process. Moisturizing after your shower and/or before going to bed at night are very beneficial habits and utilizing a Tan Extender is a must.

Are you using products at home that may inhibit tanning, like a moisturizer with a SPF?
Some moisturizers contain a SPF that is slight and is not listed in their ingredients. Oil of Olay and Clinique products are examples of this.

When should I shower after my session? Do I have to wait?
You may shower immediately after your tan if you so choose. A tan cannot be ‘washed off’. The concern is in the area of moisture depletion and also DHA based bronzers which need time to react with the skin to form a lasting colour, 4-6 hours is recommended if you are using DHA based bronzers. Showering is drying to your skin as is tanning. So, if you must shower right after, use a Tan Extending Body Wash. Compensate for the moisture loss using extra moisturizers and Tan extenders to keep your skin well nourished. We offer many choices in Tan Extension productsEXPOSÉ by Cal Tan is an excellent source for this as it is sulfate free, and not only replenishes moisture loss,  but extends the life of your tan.